Music Called Life

People often say, when you are happy, you enjoy the music and when you are sad, you understand the lyrics. Sometimes I wonder how true it is!

Our life, if we see and analyse it from a distance, is a exactly like music. When we are happy, we enjoy everything. We see joy in even little things. When I am happy, I talk to everyone in a joyous mood, enjoy even the most monotonous conversation. Look at positive aspect in every little thing.

When we are sad, we don’t like anything, but we understand life. We think and ponder over why we are sad. It is very difficult to understand life, but we can only try to understand the different aspects it shows us from time to time. Once, you understand the meaning of life, you will never be sad.

Meaning of life, is to give meaning to someone’s life.


Neha C.

Today’s Inspiration is daily prompt :Melody


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  1. This made me think…..I’ve often read of the three levels of consciousness, Instinct(body) Intellect(mind) and Intuition(spirit). I have to wonder if this is why when we are most connected with our spirit (happy) we love the music. Music is artistic and less analytical, more feeling. Whereas when we are sad we lower ourselves to our intellect which prefers the words, the more analytical and less feely side of things. Thank you for the post and the thoughts it bred! I may write a post of my own on this topic…

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