Ex Post facto

December 2016: It looks like the year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

” I walk Slowly, but I never walk backwards”  – Unknown

This has really been my quote all along this year. This year has been so visit, swift and fast, I can even tell how I was feeling on a particular day. I never thought I would be writing this, but lets start from the start of this year and let me see what I have been through.

January : I knew something bad was coming, but still keeping that feeling aside, I took a step forward and promised myself an adventurous year and indeed I gave one to myself ” a very adventurous and full of lessons year”. Stalked my boyfriend to a movie theatre where he was watching a movie with his friends and bummed him for sure.

February: Spent the whole month in anticipation of being asked to get married to him, when infact his parents were searching for a bride for him. Ups and downs.Waiting and more waiting.

March : He did get a marriage proposal, actually 2. One from me and one from his (now) wife. Obviously, we know who is the lucky one here. I seriously don’t believe myself, thatI actually proposed him and he acted as if he didn’t knew, lol (on me). Got inked. Wow. Actually, that is a very interesting story. Impulsive decision, walked into a tattoo parlour without an appointment and got lucky enough get a cancellation right then.

April: Stopped talking to him. Took my first solo trip to the himalayas. While trying to move on met guy from school and mess it up so bad, that, I don’t have words for that.

May: Another one day solo trip.  A little more messed up version with the school guy.

June: Generally, dull and sobbing and getting on with life. Anticipation of moving back home and changing the life i’ve been living for the past 4 years. Reading, doing things I like and trying to have a hold on my life.

July:  Moving back home. Transition not much welcome for a girl who is so used to living alone that someone standing next her makes her leave that place. Well, Here I am back to the crowded city, which pays no heed to your personal space, virtually as well as physically.

August-September-October-November: Everyday is the same. Get up, get ready, go to office, come back, eat, sleep and repeat.

December: Well, December was a little better, but not quite that much. I took the much needed bed rest, which was hurting my back. Reading novels, meeting doctors, watching all theTV i can. Well, after along year, I think this one is a well deserved break.

Well, this is my Retrospective of the entire year.

Neha C.


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