Socially Awkward!

The other day, a friends parent came to my office and walks around and then walks around my table and tell me that their kids are going to Mauritius, and that he has just dropped them to the airport. After a little while, I realised he just came to tell me that his kids have gone to Mauritius for a vacation and he didn’t come for any kind of work. Thats the point, where I couldn’t stop laughing. What was he thinking? He came just to show off that they can afford a family vacation to some place abroad or does he think I can’t afford to go anywhere with a job like mine. I really don’t understand the purpose of this kind of show off!! I mean I know people who as basically nothing in real life, no earning nothing, but when you see them, they have a iPhone (probably second hand), the best of clothes ( bought at the roadside shops/fake brands), and all they can do is show off!!

When you talk to them, all the pour is name of brands, be it electronics, clothing whatever, you name it and the have it. Does buying brands give you fulfilment?

What does people get out of show off? It really puts me off!! why can’t people be real for once? Why is showing you are superior to someone so important?  Does anyone feel like this? Or am I the only one who feel this as a really shallow thing?


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