"Never regret anything in life, because it was exactly you wanted at one point of time." 
 Maverick Oxymoron

Human is the only animal who has the ability to think and react to a situation. We go on with our lives, in the vicious circle of society and sometimes do things which we don’t want to do and sometimes we don’t do things which we want to do. Life, when lived in a society becomes very very complicated. Let’s see for an instance, people get married even if they are not ready, why ? The society makes you feel, you are lagging behind in life, just because you are a certain age you should settle down. Even if that person is not ready to settle down!! And end up regretting it!!

Never to anything in pressure. You have got a brain, use it!! And Never regret anything you decide to do.



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Traveler| Likes clicking|Book Lover|loves to write|Music Lover!

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