Fidelity or Infidelity

I was talking to a friend after getting really annoyed by another friends behaviour, regarding relationships and how important it is to be faithful in a relationship.

Relationships, especially marriage in India is a very delicate affair. Here, you get married to a stranger in an arranged setting. You don’t know what you are stepping into and, that one decision can change your life for good or bad. It’s like playing a lottery and if, you are lucky, you hit a jackpot!! Eww.. that’s a weird comparison.

Jokes apart, marriage requires a whole lot of a commitment (be it love or arranged marriage) and if you can’t leave your girlfriends/ boyfriends for that one person, please for God’s sake don’t get married and spoil the life of that other person, who gave you his/her commitment for life. If you think that its okay to keep as many misters or mistresses while you are married, as long as you are giving all your time to your wife/ husband, then I think you need to do some serious re-thinking!!

Marriage is a beautiful institution, don’t ruin it with adultery. If you can’t be faithful, do be in a relationship.



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  1. Why are you upside-down? (In the DP)

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