Perfectly Imperfect

Life as we see it, is a perfect example of how imperfect things are.

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I was going through some article where in this picture was shown, with a caption “Technology Doesn’t Make Us Less Social; It Just Changes The Way”. Human’s were always like this, engrossed in themselves. Its just that in the age of newspaper’s we were a little more patient and with the onset of technology and 4G network connectivity we have grown impatient.

In the time of newspapers, we used to wait for several days to connect a call, we used to book a truck call to a near and dear one. We used to wait for months, for a letter to reach and for its reply. Whatsapp, facebook, twitter has accelerated our lives to a level, where we used to take years to build a relationship, now a relationship is broken before even it is built.

With advancing times, we are also becoming intolerant of each other, a small mistake can break a relation which is just hanging by a fragile thread. Making mistakes and being forgiven has lost its meaning, these days as soon as a mistake is make, you are Blocked!! No communication is being made with that person. Why so much intolerance? Have we forgotten that we also make mistakes? Everybody makes mistakes, we are humans not machines!! Well these days, even machines make mistakes.

We should learn to embrace the imperfections of life, as that is what makes our lives beautiful. Only the photos on facebook, seems to show you a perfect life, which infact is a delusion in itself. Forgive and move on. Be happy.


Inspiration: Imperfection


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