The Last Leaf

The life we live is like a tree and we all live it for the last leaf, when the last leaf of the tree falls then it is over.

We live our lives day by day, in a circle start with our morning routine to daily work schedule and then back to our evening routine. We get engrossed in our daily cycle so much that we forget there is so much to life that this morning routine, work routine and evening routine. Jus read the last line again, our life has merely became a routine, and everyone is so in favour of this routine, that when they see someone breaking it, they feel cheated and jealous and try to bring that person back to their miserable lives.

Have you ever thought, what is life and what you want from yours? Its definitely not routine, everyone has a special purpose in life, not everyone can have the same goal in life, to live routine have a small vacation with family from time to time and die?

Just think, what you want to remember when the last leaf of your life is going to fall? Do you want regrets about the things you wanted to do and never did? or do you want to have memories to tell your grandchildren or people around you? Or do you want to fall from the tree with bitter memories where you only wished and never did?



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