A Practical Illusion

We all here have become magicians!


We are all magicians of our own lives, just like a magician creates an illusion of a magic trick, we create an illusion of a happy life.

Everyone here is going through something or the other, but instead of helping each other we keep on making lives more difficult for each other. We are all struggling through lives, someone is struggling with their work, some have relationship issues, someone is struggling health-wise.  Everyone you meet is fighting a little battle inside each other. Someone is just fighting with himself inside, to do something or no. Its hard, hard for everyone.

Why can’t we be nice to people around us?

Why do we have to create an illusion of happiness around us?

Why do we have destroy happiness of someone else, just because we can’t be happy on our own?

Why can’t we be happy by looking at someone smile?

Why don’t we understand each other?

Oh!! I know why, because most people are wearing a mask! This mask, stops us from believing even the people who do not have any mask. This mask has made it very difficult to trust people we meet. Life, was really simple when we were all kids. We have complicated our own lives and then we blame each other for it.

Simplify your life.

Say what you feel, but be humble.

Do what you like, without disturbing anyone.

Be what you want to be.

Be simple. Be yourself. Stop imitating.




About Neha C

Traveler| Likes clicking|Book Lover|loves to write|Music Lover!


  1. I wish life was simpler where everyone could understand this thing. Unfortunately, the very reason of unhappiness is human ego, expectations and jealousy. Only if treat others like how we want to be treated

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