Life as we know it.

Lately, my life has been taking really sharp turns to only God know where! Right now, I am at a point in life where I simply hate my job, but I go to it, because I want/need the money, I have zero social life, mostly because of my strict parents and my laid back attitude, I cannot say I don’t have friends, I do, but that one friend with whom you can share whatever without any hesitation as you know he/she she won’t judge you, well I do have that also, but time restriction apply on that.

The point is, I have 10 years of work experience in something I hate. That means I am standing at 0, even after working for 10 years. I write whatever comes to my mind, it kind of give me some peace, but it is almost after 3 years that I have resolved to start writing again. And, I hope to continue writing.

Looking back at my life, I realised that nothing matters, nothing, if you are not happy, even the job that pays you well looks like a burden. There is always something bogging you down.

Please treat this as my new post/ first post as I don’t know what I am writing and I am writing because I want to write, this is the only place I feel like myself.

I hope you find some good stuff and stories to read.

Signing off for now.


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Traveler| Likes clicking|Book Lover|loves to write|Music Lover!

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