“People don’t take trips — trips take people.”

“People don’t take trips — trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Coming from a great author, it can be said that it is very much true. It looks like we are the one’s taking a trip, but trips take us, in a way we can only imagine.

Traveling in itself is very rewarding in itself and I am not talking about vacationing here. Travel means being a part of the local culture, staying at a place like a local stays. Traveling in buses, checking out the street, the street food, staying with the locals. These days, at almost all the places, locals accept guests, some at a nominal price and some on exchanges basis and some with a barter system as well.

Staying with a local person, gives you the flavour of the place in true sense and not just the tourist attractions.  However, traveling does have some cons, like being a little uncomfortable for people who look for comfort on their trips. On the other hand, it gives one a lot of stories to tell and a lot of memories to live with.

Be a traveler, at-least once.


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