In search of a place called Home

I’ve been working for a quiet long time now, have stayed with my family, have stayed alone, been in a relationship, been out of one, but while doing all this I always knew there was something missing from my life. Even though I was with my family, that place never felt like home.

Been in and out of relationships for long, until I felt the need to stop. One day when someone I loved left me because I was too busy saving myself at work, my work was such that I could not give him any time. After that break-up, I decided to take a break and took my first solo trip to the Himalayas. The start of my first real relationship with myself. Before this I didn’t know what I was capable of!

The trip that gave me the name “girlwithatripod”, the trip that made me ME! It made me realise not to be with some who loves you less than you love yourself.

Whenever I close my eyes and think of home, the only view I can see is the mountains, surrounded by trees, snow, waterfall!! The place I can always feel like myself again and again and again!.


About Neha C

Traveler| Likes clicking|Book Lover|loves to write|Music Lover!

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