The New Normal

” While we are waiting to go back to normal, we should think what parts of normal are worth going back to.”

This is a really simple message, but if one really sit and reflect on it, it has a lot to teach us. If we compare the life before COVID-19 and during it, we can actually see, most of the stress and anxiety in our life is self created. Life in actual is very simple.

It made us understand, that there is difference between comfort and luxury; while the luxury at times is the most unnecessary thing. The things which are really necessary for our existence are not much. We just need basic things, food, shelter and clothes, if we have these three things, we are more privileged than many of the people around us.

New possibilities have surfaced, and we came to know that with the help of world wide web, it is possible that most of the occupations are capable of surviving with work from home.

Most of all we have come to realise that we do not need more to survive. If we do not eat outside food, we do not need gym, simple walk as an exercise is sufficient. If we do not go outside for parties, less income is even more. If we do not post an update on facebook, we are still alive. If we do not buy that expensive car with hefty EMI, we are still able to move from one place to other.

We do not need so many things for living our lives. When we live simple lives, the stress is also less. We need to re-think our lifestyles, while the earth heals itself.

Neha C.


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