Le mémoire

Des souvenirs comme un roman vous emmènent ailleurs
bon ou mauvais, une fois gravé ne peut pas être effacé
de bons souvenirs peuvent vous faire sourire lors d'une réunion
et tout en se remémorant les anciens souvenirs, nous en faisons aussi
de nouveaux
Faisons les souvenirs qui nous font plaisir et nous font oublier la 
Maverick Oxymoron

Broken wings

She was told she was special

& then her wings were broken

& then she was asked to fly

People made fun of her

but she tried..

One day, she was able to fly with her broken wings

& then she never returned…


“People don’t take trips — trips take people.”

“People don’t take trips — trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

Coming from a great author, it can be said that it is very much true. It looks like we are the one’s taking a trip, but trips take us, in a way we can only imagine.

Traveling in itself is very rewarding in itself and I am not talking about vacationing here. Travel means being a part of the local culture, staying at a place like a local stays. Traveling in buses, checking out the street, the street food, staying with the locals. These days, at almost all the places, locals accept guests, some at a nominal price and some on exchanges basis and some with a barter system as well.

Staying with a local person, gives you the flavour of the place in true sense and not just the tourist attractions.  However, traveling does have some cons, like being a little uncomfortable for people who look for comfort on their trips. On the other hand, it gives one a lot of stories to tell and a lot of memories to live with.

Be a traveler, at-least once.

Life as we know it.

Lately, my life has been taking really sharp turns to only God know where! Right now, I am at a point in life where I simply hate my job, but I go to it, because I want/need the money, I have zero social life, mostly because of my strict parents and my laid back attitude, I cannot say I don’t have friends, I do, but that one friend with whom you can share whatever without any hesitation as you know he/she she won’t judge you, well I do have that also, but time restriction apply on that.

The point is, I have 10 years of work experience in something I hate. That means I am standing at 0, even after working for 10 years. I write whatever comes to my mind, it kind of give me some peace, but it is almost after 3 years that I have resolved to start writing again. And, I hope to continue writing.

Looking back at my life, I realised that nothing matters, nothing, if you are not happy, even the job that pays you well looks like a burden. There is always something bogging you down.

Please treat this as my new post/ first post as I don’t know what I am writing and I am writing because I want to write, this is the only place I feel like myself.

I hope you find some good stuff and stories to read.

Signing off for now.

A Practical Illusion

We all here have become magicians!


We are all magicians of our own lives, just like a magician creates an illusion of a magic trick, we create an illusion of a happy life.

Everyone here is going through something or the other, but instead of helping each other we keep on making lives more difficult for each other. We are all struggling through lives, someone is struggling with their work, some have relationship issues, someone is struggling health-wise.  Everyone you meet is fighting a little battle inside each other. Someone is just fighting with himself inside, to do something or no. Its hard, hard for everyone.

Why can’t we be nice to people around us?

Why do we have to create an illusion of happiness around us?

Why do we have destroy happiness of someone else, just because we can’t be happy on our own?

Why can’t we be happy by looking at someone smile?

Why don’t we understand each other?

Oh!! I know why, because most people are wearing a mask! This mask, stops us from believing even the people who do not have any mask. This mask has made it very difficult to trust people we meet. Life, was really simple when we were all kids. We have complicated our own lives and then we blame each other for it.

Simplify your life.

Say what you feel, but be humble.

Do what you like, without disturbing anyone.

Be what you want to be.

Be simple. Be yourself. Stop imitating.




The Last Leaf

The life we live is like a tree and we all live it for the last leaf, when the last leaf of the tree falls then it is over.

We live our lives day by day, in a circle start with our morning routine to daily work schedule and then back to our evening routine. We get engrossed in our daily cycle so much that we forget there is so much to life that this morning routine, work routine and evening routine. Jus read the last line again, our life has merely became a routine, and everyone is so in favour of this routine, that when they see someone breaking it, they feel cheated and jealous and try to bring that person back to their miserable lives.

Have you ever thought, what is life and what you want from yours? Its definitely not routine, everyone has a special purpose in life, not everyone can have the same goal in life, to live routine have a small vacation with family from time to time and die?

Just think, what you want to remember when the last leaf of your life is going to fall? Do you want regrets about the things you wanted to do and never did? or do you want to have memories to tell your grandchildren or people around you? Or do you want to fall from the tree with bitter memories where you only wished and never did?


Perfectly Imperfect

Life as we see it, is a perfect example of how imperfect things are.

hFKu8yj (1)

I was going through some article where in this picture was shown, with a caption “Technology Doesn’t Make Us Less Social; It Just Changes The Way”. Human’s were always like this, engrossed in themselves. Its just that in the age of newspaper’s we were a little more patient and with the onset of technology and 4G network connectivity we have grown impatient.

In the time of newspapers, we used to wait for several days to connect a call, we used to book a truck call to a near and dear one. We used to wait for months, for a letter to reach and for its reply. Whatsapp, facebook, twitter has accelerated our lives to a level, where we used to take years to build a relationship, now a relationship is broken before even it is built.

With advancing times, we are also becoming intolerant of each other, a small mistake can break a relation which is just hanging by a fragile thread. Making mistakes and being forgiven has lost its meaning, these days as soon as a mistake is make, you are Blocked!! No communication is being made with that person. Why so much intolerance? Have we forgotten that we also make mistakes? Everybody makes mistakes, we are humans not machines!! Well these days, even machines make mistakes.

We should learn to embrace the imperfections of life, as that is what makes our lives beautiful. Only the photos on facebook, seems to show you a perfect life, which infact is a delusion in itself. Forgive and move on. Be happy.


Inspiration: Imperfection

Fidelity or Infidelity

I was talking to a friend after getting really annoyed by another friends behaviour, regarding relationships and how important it is to be faithful in a relationship.

Relationships, especially marriage in India is a very delicate affair. Here, you get married to a stranger in an arranged setting. You don’t know what you are stepping into and, that one decision can change your life for good or bad. It’s like playing a lottery and if, you are lucky, you hit a jackpot!! Eww.. that’s a weird comparison.

Jokes apart, marriage requires a whole lot of a commitment (be it love or arranged marriage) and if you can’t leave your girlfriends/ boyfriends for that one person, please for God’s sake don’t get married and spoil the life of that other person, who gave you his/her commitment for life. If you think that its okay to keep as many misters or mistresses while you are married, as long as you are giving all your time to your wife/ husband, then I think you need to do some serious re-thinking!!

Marriage is a beautiful institution, don’t ruin it with adultery. If you can’t be faithful, do be in a relationship.


To b or no to be

I was talking to a friend about relationships and marriage. As she is looking for suitors, she told me a very interesting incident which happened with her. 

While we were discussing about marriage and relationships, she told me how she felt about the whole arranged marriage scenario. Which I’m sure most of you reading this, would find an awkward thing to do. The scene is no different for her. She is totally opposed to the idea of arranged marriage. Marriage is something one should do, when one is ready and also, with someone you think you can spend your life with, somebody you are compatible with. So, under great pressure she agreed to meet the grooms, with one tiny condition, that she will meet the person first and if she likes it, then only the things will move forward. With hesitation, her parents agreed.

The day comes, when she has to go and meet the guy. They meet, everything goes well. On coming back, she gives a heads up to the family. But, the guy has to leave the city next day, so the family meeting an all has to wait, till he comes back or this is what she thinks. After a few days, she receives a message from the guy asking her

“ If it is okay that our parents meet without me being present or do you want to meet before that?”

On giving proper thought, she replied to him,

“ I think parents should meet when both of us are present and also, I would like to meet you once before the parents meet.”

She told her mother that, he messaged about meeting of parents without him and as she knew her mother she didn’t tell the thing about meeting him before that, thinking she would do that once he is here and ask them to meet him before that.

She didn’t knew what she has signed up for!!

Few days later, her mother being the impatient type calls up this guy, to know if parents can meet before he came back. That guy, literally lashed out to her mother saying that “your daughter lies to you, as she said she would like to “date” before going any further with the parents thing”.

Her mother got really angry listening to this, as any mother would be, but not on that guy. She literally, confronted her daughter regarding this, how could she ask the guy to meet, on her own?. My friend was really upset, as she clearly asked him to meet once, which is fair enough in todays time.

A person like my friend, who wants somebody who is understanding and open minded at the same time acts as a friend first and then may be a husband or a lover or something. I think she is not asking for something elaborate or something which she cannot give back. Also, parents today have changed a lot, perhaps may be hers need a little change is perspective.

Originally published on bononology.com

Being fair

Being fair in this unfair world, is like being unfair to yourself. I am in a profession where customer service is required to be given, being placed in a city like Delhi- it’s a real tough task. You just cannot satisfy a customer in delhi. When you are working in an environment, where every other customer is coming to you and is shouting at you for following banking procedures & guidelines, you will feel that they are being unfair to you.

While, you are being fair to you job, the customer is being unfair to you. Well this scenario can be managed to some extent, if your staff is supportive. When your staff is not supporting you, there starts whole new story. What do you do in this case?

I remembered an all time favourite quote of mine, If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you did not eat him” . The world in not fair, it never was. Its time that we stop expecting it to be. Just fight your fight. Living a life is like driving a bike/car, You have to drive in a way that you save yourself and the others too. Live your life in a way that you save yourself and other too.

I’m not suggesting that you don’t take risks, do take them but some calculated ones and sometimes wild ones. Go on with an attitude that you will handle everything that comes in your way.