April Fool’s Day

Between fooling fooling people for a day and being fooled by reality every single day, we all grew up. #Aprilfool’sday

An officially, designated day to fool people by playing practical jokes. Some get fooled by it and some doesn’t. Lucky who can catch the bluff in those pranks, but what about the pranks life play with us?

When we finally become happy, it takes away everything from us.

When we finally settle down, it shifts everything upside down.

When you are ready to love, it doesn’t gives you love.

When you have given up all hope, it brings all the love in your life.

Maybe, being fooled by life is called L.I.F.E.

Be fool enough to enjoy life, don’t take things seriously.

LIVE the LIFE you imagined not the one society chose for you.


"Never regret anything in life, because it was exactly you wanted at one point of time." 
 Maverick Oxymoron

Human is the only animal who has the ability to think and react to a situation. We go on with our lives, in the vicious circle of society and sometimes do things which we don’t want to do and sometimes we don’t do things which we want to do. Life, when lived in a society becomes very very complicated. Let’s see for an instance, people get married even if they are not ready, why ? The society makes you feel, you are lagging behind in life, just because you are a certain age you should settle down. Even if that person is not ready to settle down!! And end up regretting it!!

Never to anything in pressure. You have got a brain, use it!! And Never regret anything you decide to do.


Socially Awkward!

The other day, a friends parent came to my office and walks around and then walks around my table and tell me that their kids are going to Mauritius, and that he has just dropped them to the airport. After a little while, I realised he just came to tell me that his kids have gone to Mauritius for a vacation and he didn’t come for any kind of work. Thats the point, where I couldn’t stop laughing. What was he thinking? He came just to show off that they can afford a family vacation to some place abroad or does he think I can’t afford to go anywhere with a job like mine. I really don’t understand the purpose of this kind of show off!! I mean I know people who as basically nothing in real life, no earning nothing, but when you see them, they have a iPhone (probably second hand), the best of clothes ( bought at the roadside shops/fake brands), and all they can do is show off!!

When you talk to them, all the pour is name of brands, be it electronics, clothing whatever, you name it and the have it. Does buying brands give you fulfilment?

What does people get out of show off? It really puts me off!! why can’t people be real for once? Why is showing you are superior to someone so important?  Does anyone feel like this? Or am I the only one who feel this as a really shallow thing?

It’s okay

It’s okay to feel like a mess sometimes.

It’s okay to be not okay all the time.

It’s okay to recover at your own pace.

Life is not a race.

It’s okay to grow at your own pace.


Maverick Oxymoron

One Chance


when you wake up every morning, life gives you a chance to make this day count in your life. Like, life gives us a chance to prove to ourselves that we are something, we give a chance to people in our life to prove that they mean something to us or the opposite.

With the advent of technology, we are moving towards a really impatient world. Earlier, we used to wait in a big line just to make a phone call to a loved one, we used to wait for after 11PM to book a intercity phone call to a loved one, but still there was love, despite the distance we stayed together. Now, these loved ones are just a phone call away, or I should say just a touch away, thanks to the new smartphones in everyone’s pockets. But but but, we are far apart, more than the physical distance.

When we meet someone, first of all we are not at all interested, unless it is a really pretty girl, someone rich or someone dead. If that interests us, pretty girl – How can I get into her pants!! Rich person – How can I own some share of is money, Someone dead – well thats when we realise, may be we should have known this person as a human being!!

What has happened to the society today, when we have a chance to know someone, we don’t, all we want to do then is getting in their pants or their wallet. I am losing myself in this kind of world, trying to make friends, people stalk you to know who you are then they manipulate their words so that you like them, but what the hell!! Why so much effort, just because you like their face and you would really like to get in their pants and in one day you decide that you cannot cannot make it through, no matter what you do!!

Meeting someone online, trying to know them, well no, thats not important as there are important things to do.One day it has been, and you are ready to ask for nudes and ready to send your videos masturbating. No effort, for even trying to know someone. It is a really pathetic state. Its as if there is no place for feelings, friendship and relationships. Only feeling left here is lust, only friendship left here is with money, only relationship we have here is with our selfish selves.

Its not wrong to have a relationship with ourselves, its important but don’t overdo it!! We don’t have patience for people, with so much cruelty around, we don’t give people a chance to show who exactly they are and to explain why they behave in a certain way. Its as if, you have only one chance, make it or lose it.

Neha C.


Ex Post facto

December 2016: It looks like the year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

” I walk Slowly, but I never walk backwards”  – Unknown

This has really been my quote all along this year. This year has been so visit, swift and fast, I can even tell how I was feeling on a particular day. I never thought I would be writing this, but lets start from the start of this year and let me see what I have been through.

January : I knew something bad was coming, but still keeping that feeling aside, I took a step forward and promised myself an adventurous year and indeed I gave one to myself ” a very adventurous and full of lessons year”. Stalked my boyfriend to a movie theatre where he was watching a movie with his friends and bummed him for sure.

February: Spent the whole month in anticipation of being asked to get married to him, when infact his parents were searching for a bride for him. Ups and downs.Waiting and more waiting.

March : He did get a marriage proposal, actually 2. One from me and one from his (now) wife. Obviously, we know who is the lucky one here. I seriously don’t believe myself, thatI actually proposed him and he acted as if he didn’t knew, lol (on me). Got inked. Wow. Actually, that is a very interesting story. Impulsive decision, walked into a tattoo parlour without an appointment and got lucky enough get a cancellation right then.

April: Stopped talking to him. Took my first solo trip to the himalayas. While trying to move on met guy from school and mess it up so bad, that, I don’t have words for that.

May: Another one day solo trip.  A little more messed up version with the school guy.

June: Generally, dull and sobbing and getting on with life. Anticipation of moving back home and changing the life i’ve been living for the past 4 years. Reading, doing things I like and trying to have a hold on my life.

July:  Moving back home. Transition not much welcome for a girl who is so used to living alone that someone standing next her makes her leave that place. Well, Here I am back to the crowded city, which pays no heed to your personal space, virtually as well as physically.

August-September-October-November: Everyday is the same. Get up, get ready, go to office, come back, eat, sleep and repeat.

December: Well, December was a little better, but not quite that much. I took the much needed bed rest, which was hurting my back. Reading novels, meeting doctors, watching all theTV i can. Well, after along year, I think this one is a well deserved break.

Well, this is my Retrospective of the entire year.

Neha C.

Pink- The Movie (2016)

I am not going to write a movie review, because this movie doesn’t need a review. Only two words “Must Watch”. This movie is a revolution!! Amazing story by Ritesh Shah. I was actually doing some online research for this article and I saw credits to the producer and directors but nobody mentioned “The Writer” , the main person behind the story, without whom there wouldn’t have been any Pink.   Astounding story!!

The story revolves around an incident which happened between 3 independent women and some rich brats with political links. I am Delhiite and I know every other person you know is rich or have political connections and/or both. Whatever has been depicted in the film is actually the real story of every independent girl in some way or the other, but the irony is not every girl stands up and fight for it. It is either the family name or what Mr. Sharma will say or you won’t get a good match or something like that cooked up. The question is not why every girl stand up, the question is why there are these kind of incidents? Why a guy cannot understand that outraging the modesty of a women is not “manly”? It only makes you a coward and a male chauvinist and a patriarch !!

It has been rightly pointed out in the movie that boys who treat women this way have not  been raised properly or they have not been raised by a women. There is a saying “A man who treats his women like a princess, has been raised in the arms of a queen” . This is so true. The move raises so many questions, on the upbringing of men, on the status of women in our so called westernized society. I mean a women who drinks/ have a tattoo/ have been pierced in places other than ears/ colored her hair, how does these things define a women’s character? I am appalled by the thinking of men!!

A lady who talks to you like a friend is not inviting you, and this is what men have to understand. A lady who has a tattoo may have a bank balance more than your entire family’s. A lady who drinks at the bar may be more sober than you ever were in you life.

It really prickles my skin to see the sorry state of the society, it really is not what a modernized society. I think its time, that we stop judging others and start improving ourselves. That will be a great contribution for the society.

Neha C.

Wander-lusting Duo

She was really happy while unpacking her luggage to the cupboard of the Hotel room. It was a small hotel, given the place where she was, Kasol. The happiness was of the triumph, she finally got over her parents. Being an Indian Girl, it was really hard for her to convince her parents to allow her to travel alone in India. But, finally, she managed it. Finally, when the bag was empty, she took her favorite machine out, her beloved DSLR. She has been dying to use it for such a long time. “Finally, my love you are going to be used and abused today.

She rested for a while and took in what she was experiencing, what she has only imagined in her life. When she stepped out, it was 2.00 PM, but she was far from hungry, even after a night long journey, she was far from tired as well. She set her foot out and the view was mesmerizing. As she started walking towards the small stalls of food near a cliff, she decided to taste the hot momo’s she was serving. The lady was dressed in a traditional Himachali dress and had a 4 year old playing beside her and her teenaged daughter helping her.

While she was having her momo’s, there was an Israeli guy sitting next to her having food.

He asked, ‘you come here often?’

‘No, What about you?’ She replied.

‘This is my first time, here in Kasol, I am here with some friends.’ Pointing towards a group sitting across the street in a small hotel having a hookah.

‘So, how do you find this place?’

‘Oh!! This place is lovely, really a heaven on earth’

‘I think so too!!’

‘By the way, my name is Eric, and you are?’ Extending his hand.

‘Hi Eric, I am Simran, nice to meet you.’ Shaking hands with him.

His friends come over and they part their ways. She heads for a leisurely walk and he joins his friends.

 As she was taking a walk, she came across some locals, who told her that when you go to the village Malana, you should not touch anything there, the locals take offence of it and you don’t want to get into trouble. She agreed and kept walking. She took a really refreshing short trip to Chalal village nearby and came back only after dark as she lost track of time.

On reaching back to her hotel, she saw a guy standing on the reception, his back was turned towards her, she thought it was familiar, but was too exhausted to go and check. She dismissed the thought and went to her room.

Next morning, when she came down for breakfast, she again saw the same guy standing over the reception counter, but only this time, he turned. She could not believe her eyes, she kept staring in disbelief. It was Varun, love of her life. She could not believe, of all the places on earth, here in Kasol  and he is not even the travel type. Before, she could react, he saw her. Their eyes met and the flashback hit her, how he tore her heart and what she had to go through after that.

Varun approached her, ‘Hi’

‘Hi’, still dumbfounded.

‘How are you?’

‘I’m fine’, she took control of her expressions and came back to reality.

She started to eat her food and ignored him altogether. In the meantime his friends joined him and they sat at a table, and he sat facing her. She could feel his eyes examining her, but she decided not to look at him. She had rented a bike for the day. A teen-aged guy came and delivered the bike keys to her. She finished her breakfast, got up to leave, she could feel his eyes still on her. She sat on the bike and while going back on the bike, she saw him looking at her, their eyes met.

She started to drive towards a trekking trail, Kheerganga. Her mind was not right, which has been so happy just yesterday, was now playing back every little detail of her life, which she tried to forget and succeeded with so much effort. She drove and slightly missed a biker coming from the opposite direction, but didn’t stop, although, she did heard him hurl some abuses, which were well deserved.

On reaching, she met Eric and his group again. They invited her to take the trek with them and she gladly accepted as she needed to keep her mind occupied, and what could be better than a chirpy group of Israelis having a time of their lives. She spent the day with them laughing and forgetting about had happened at the hotel, earlier today.

When she came back, she saw him on the road, while on way to the hotel, she quickly climbed the stairs, to avoid any chances of encounter with Varun. After the trek, her legs were paining, but the pain which bothered her, was not in her legs. She just lay there, looking at the ceiling, thinking and listening to the loud music coming from the window.

The next day, she decided to have breakfast a little late, so that she doesn’t have to come face to face with him again. When, she came out, he was still having breakfast with his friends. She waited at the reception, while they finished, she started talking to the receptionist, who was a 19 year old. She asked him, ‘What else is here to see, part from the nearby villages?’. He said, ‘madam, go to the Parvati Valley for a walk alongside the river, it is a breathtaking experience.’ Which she already knew as that was the thing, which brought her here. While talking to him, she scrolled through the check-in register and saw that, Varun has been here for a 5 days and today was his last day. Ahh!! a sigh of relief, as she could spend rest of the trip peacefully.

After they left, she had her breakfast and decided to spend all her day at Parvati Valley, she needed some peace of mind and some quite. She drove towards the valley. After reaching, she parked the bike nearby a tea stall and climbed down to take a walk by the river.

She walked a long stretch and found a little secluded spot to finally sit and quite her mind. She put her camera aside and removed her shoes and found a comfortable rock to sit on. She was enjoying the scene in front of her eyes, the river flowing in between the rocks and closed her eyes to feel the moment. As soon as she closed her eyes, again the flashback.

‘Okay, enough of this hide and seek, tell me, will you marry me?’

‘Simran, Ohh, I am glad you asked me that so clearly, I cannot get married to you.’

‘What?  Varun I am serious’

‘I am serious too, my parents are looking for a girl and it is going to be finalized in a week, maximum.’

‘ What? I thought you said that just to tease me.’

‘Why would I tease you? I never said, I am going to marry you’

‘When you were not going to marry me, why you dragged me into the relationship?’

‘Were you serious in all your relationships?’

‘I don’t enter into a relationship just for fun, I am serious Varun’

‘This cannot be done’

And, tears rolled out her eyes and her eyes opened, there he was sitting beside her.

‘Why are you crying?’ tensed.

‘None of  your business.’ Wiping her tears off.

They just sat there for a while, she looking at the water flowing and he looking at her.


‘Yes’ without looking at him.

‘I am sorry’

‘Varun, I cannot forgive you for the mistake I made.’


She knew, she was healed.

Neha C.

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