One Chance


when you wake up every morning, life gives you a chance to make this day count in your life. Like, life gives us a chance to prove to ourselves that we are something, we give a chance to people in our life to prove that they mean something to us or the opposite.

With the advent of technology, we are moving towards a really impatient world. Earlier, we used to wait in a big line just to make a phone call to a loved one, we used to wait for after 11PM to book a intercity phone call to a loved one, but still there was love, despite the distance we stayed together. Now, these loved ones are just a phone call away, or I should say just a touch away, thanks to the new smartphones in everyone’s pockets. But but but, we are far apart, more than the physical distance.

When we meet someone, first of all we are not at all interested, unless it is a really pretty girl, someone rich or someone dead. If that interests us, pretty girl – How can I get into her pants!! Rich person – How can I own some share of is money, Someone dead – well thats when we realise, may be we should have known this person as a human being!!

What has happened to the society today, when we have a chance to know someone, we don’t, all we want to do then is getting in their pants or their wallet. I am losing myself in this kind of world, trying to make friends, people stalk you to know who you are then they manipulate their words so that you like them, but what the hell!! Why so much effort, just because you like their face and you would really like to get in their pants and in one day you decide that you cannot cannot make it through, no matter what you do!!

Meeting someone online, trying to know them, well no, thats not important as there are important things to do.One day it has been, and you are ready to ask for nudes and ready to send your videos masturbating. No effort, for even trying to know someone. It is a really pathetic state. Its as if there is no place for feelings, friendship and relationships. Only feeling left here is lust, only friendship left here is with money, only relationship we have here is with our selfish selves.

Its not wrong to have a relationship with ourselves, its important but don’t overdo it!! We don’t have patience for people, with so much cruelty around, we don’t give people a chance to show who exactly they are and to explain why they behave in a certain way. Its as if, you have only one chance, make it or lose it.

Neha C.



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