April Fool’s Day

Between fooling fooling people for a day and being fooled by reality every single day, we all grew up. #Aprilfool’sday

An officially, designated day to fool people by playing practical jokes. Some get fooled by it and some doesn’t. Lucky who can catch the bluff in those pranks, but what about the pranks life play with us?

When we finally become happy, it takes away everything from us.

When we finally settle down, it shifts everything upside down.

When you are ready to love, it doesn’t gives you love.

When you have given up all hope, it brings all the love in your life.

Maybe, being fooled by life is called L.I.F.E.

Be fool enough to enjoy life, don’t take things seriously.

LIVE the LIFE you imagined not the one society chose for you.


About Neha C

Traveler| Likes clicking|Book Lover|loves to write|Music Lover!


  1. Great advice. I was thinking that it was nice not to worry about April Fool’s day jokes now that my children and I are older, but maybe being a fool isn’t so bad, just as long as we aren’t foolish.

  2. Pikakshi

    Thats so true.. I loved this line: Maybe being fooled by life is called LIFE. Its ironic and so true.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Aspirations – Book Review by us.

    Readers of the Night

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