A refund has been issued


An SMS early in the morning at 4.17 AM (screenshot), Income Tax department has issued me a refund of Rs. 86,250.09. Wow, that is a hell lot of money early in the morning. SO let’s see, what am I supposed to do with it, click on the link and then it will be asking for you to fill out some details and woops, you will get a refund!!

NO!!! A BIG NO!!!

Don’t even think of clicking on such kinds of links!! These are a PHISHING messages, which will ask you to fill the details in the link and voila, instead of a refund, immediately the amount mentioned in the SMS will be deducted from your account, you won’t even get a second to think that what just happened.


You know how these people get your information? It’s you who give them. I will tell you a small incident which happened just yesterday, and since then I had a really bad feeling. A frail looking girl came and visited out office yesterday, posing as an ICICI bank intern and asked me if she could take a minute of mine and I said I am a little too busy here to give her any time. So, very politely, she said that madam, I am an intern with ICICI bank and I am not selling anything, I am also looking for customer satisfaction, therefore, if you have any issue with our bank kindly let me know. As a matter of fact I did have an issue which was unresolved for the past 20days, so I told her, to which she asked me to share me name and contact number with her and no other details. Mind you guys, no other details apart from Name & contact number. 

A little while later when i finished my work, I realised she didn’t as me which card I had a problem with, I started to have an off feeling about the whole incident. This made me, really uneasy and overtly cautious. Further, now this morning, I get a message for refund, and surprisingly IT department is being generous enough to issue me a refund of the amount which has not even been deducted from my salary, now isn’t it just amazing?

Mind you, the amount is in paisas, IT department never issues a refund in paisas, also, my ITR had a refund of JUST RS. 500, Why on earth would I get a refund of that amount? Interestingly, there are people who would click on it, share all the details and then come crying to their bank for return of the amount.


While dealing with these kind of cases, please note that you might not even get a proper response from your bank, or might get a cold one. It’s your money, you have to save it. Please be cautious while sharing your details, I’ve got my lesson.

Be safe.

The Valley of false Glimmer

It has been often said, that life is a lie and we are living a lie. The only truth here is mortality. Nobody is immortal. Then, why are we here on this planet?

What is the purpose of our lives?

To show off the material things we have? or is it to find what lies within?

There are so many things to do, places to visit. There is so much to do in life, but when you sit and think, what is the ultimate purpose of what we are doing? At least I fail to understand that.

A child is born, it is raised and sent to a school, which these days are just money sucking machines. The child is taught, God knows what, but one thing a child learns from these schools is show off!!. Imagine a small kid, who doesn’t even know why he is here (most of us don’t know that, including me).

We grow up, looking at other kids, parents etc. We join jobs, some lucky ones know what job they want to do and some just jump where they are directed by their parents, teachers or mentors. When looking back on our lives, we realise, that the people who guided us to be in one job or another, never really knew what they were doing themselves. Imagine a fisherman giving advice to a corporate? (While that may or may not be a really good advice, just a hypothetical situation not being offensive to anyone). We can also, put it the other way, imagine a corporate giving advice to a fisherman? Well that fisherman might be making more money that this person, but still.

So now, we have reached a stage, where we have slogged our entire youth in making money, procreating our identical twins, or so we want them to be  our identical twins. And, when the identical twin of ours try to become something else, we take an offence.

We are so busy, competing with each other to make more money, to hoard more stuff, to buy unnecessary things, that we forget, the life is passing us by. Then, this life leaves us one day and we are left with nothing but regrets. We have these regrets at a time, when we can’t do anything about them, as we do not have the energy, even though we have the money.

What really matters, cannot be bought with money. It can only give you temporary happiness, but real happiness lies in discovering what you really enjoy. Real happiness lies in being happy for no reason.

It’s okay

It’s okay to feel like a mess sometimes.

It’s okay to be not okay all the time.

It’s okay to recover at your own pace.

Life is not a race.

It’s okay to grow at your own pace.


Maverick Oxymoron