Understanding of Self

Why do we enter into a relationship? For love? Ideally yes, it should be. But, do we actually be in a relationship for love? No.

One enters a relationship for various reasons, first one could be security, peer pressure, the fear of not fitting in, the societal pressure, there can be many reasons. Not only, we get into relationships due to these reasons, we also stay in a relationship due to these reasons.

When one looks back, do we actually need to be in a relationship? Yes and no. Yes we all need company, but that might not come from a partner. There are so many people around the world, around us, who have married due to some pressure or the other. If we talk about this pressure in Indian context, it would be more of a societal pressure than anything else. One gets married to a stranger, and then develop issues, because we don’t know that person very well.

Some people adjust with this kind of life, they adjust with a stranger at times may be because they don’t have any other option. Now, the question is why? We have just one life, when we spend the largest amount of that time with someone we don’t love or feel connected to, then what is the need to do that?

A possible answer to that question may be, the fear of loneliness. Most people get married because of this fear. Alternatively, if we think about it, the maximum time we spend is with ourselves, so why do we feel lonely? I read this line somewhere, “Remember: the time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself. Life’s cruelest irony.”  Unless you know yourself, you cannot be with anyone else fully.

The journey continues…


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  1. Well said. I guess we humans are never happy. People who are unable to marry or find partner are unhappy. People who are married are unhappy. The reasons are varied. There are no easy answers. Well written, Neha

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